AVOID THE NURSING HOME: Online Course Teaches Reno Details for Aging in Place

Beginning back in 2013, I got to see first hand how a lack of household features for senior’s living typically leads to the loss of freedoms and an unwelcome move into a nursing home. That’s what happened to my father-in-law and it’s what prompted me to create an online course I call AGING WELL AT HOME. It covers essentials such as:

  • wheelchair ramp construction
  • choosing a porch lift
  • 20+ other specific home enhancements for senior living
  • one-on-one questions answered by me

If you’ve ever been worried about having to move out of your home due to advancing age and disability, this course can make a big difference in your life. It presents a clear path towards the sometimes-confusing world of renovations for seniors living.   The thing is, most people wait to late to begin renovating for this. By the time the need is apparent, it’s too late to make them happen.

Click below to learn more about the AGING WELL AT HOME course, and see how it can help you.

The video below tells the true story that led me to create this course, and the situation it describes is why I’ve started working with seniors one-on-one. If you’d like to avoid having to move into a nursing home one day, now’s the time to begin home modifications for extended seniors living in your own home. You’ll enjoy a better life and it’ll cost substantially less than an institution.

  • Video watch time = 5 1/2 minutes

Got questions about aging in place or the AGING WELL AT HOME course? Send me an email and I’m happy to answer.