Q&A: Basement Finishing Trick

pl_premium2Q: Can I use construction adhesive to fasten wall board directly to a steel basement beam? I’m building a sewing room, and don’t have enough space for conventional framing around the beam. The pieces of wall board are narrow and light weight.

A: Yes, you can glue drywall or wooden wall board directly to a steel beam. You’ll need to figure out some way of using clamps and props to hold the wall board in place while it dries, so do this before applying any adhesive. My favourite construction adhesive is LePage PL Premium. It’s much better than anything else I’ve used, even other products in the LePage family. If you opt to use drywall, you won’t be able to secure the corner beading with nails in the usual way. Plastic corner beads made to be secured with spray adhesive are an excellent alternative when steel is the only thing underneath the drywall.