Best Gift Ideas for a DIY Power Couple

We all know that friend who loves to take on home improvement projects on a large scale and see them through until their home looks like an absolute dream come true. Or even if they aren’t doing it on a large scale, they still enjoy making things they need around the house rather than heading to Ikea or Target to fetch them anytime the house needs something. But there’s more to be gained here than just getting stuff done around the house.

One of the best parts about DIY is that sometimes couples do this as a shared activity that they’re both equally invested in. Anytime you visit them, you get to see a number of DIY projects that they’re currently working on and see them achieve their goals one step at a time, and creating a better relationship, too. 

If you know a DIY power couple and want to know what you can get them as a gift, then you’re at the right place. You’ll find a bunch of the best ideas lined up for you right here – let’s get to it! 

Design a photo book

If these friends recently tied the knot, then there’s no better project to give this DIY power couple than the chance to completely design their wedding book together. This task is usually handed over to a professional photographer or artist, but there’s nothing they’d love more than to put the memories of the best day of their life together themselves more than anything else. 

Designing your wedding album is something that not only involves a lot of thought and creativity, but you also need to have the right resources to get it done, such as online wedding album design tools that let you customize the book the way you’d like. Even if the couple has been married for a while and aren’t newlyweds, they’d still appreciate the idea of getting a chance to design their wedding album the way they like, especially if they haven’t had a chance to do it yet. They can also make photo books of their projects together.

Coffee tables for the win

Power couples don’t always only take care of huge projects around the house – they also equally enjoy the smaller tasks, such as coming up with a new way for storage or redoing their coffee table. This way they can alter their morning routine into something even more enjoyable with a unique DIY coffee table with the perfectly brewed coffee on it.

Suitcase coffee tables are a new hype, because of the vintage feel that they bring to the room. Not only that, but they also act as storage containers, making it the best place to store all the miscellaneous objects in the living room that make it seem cluttered. 

You can either refurbish an existing steel suitcase to make it look pretty enough to be a coffee table, or you can create one from scratch out of wood. If the couple seem like they enjoy taking on woodworking projects, then this could be the best project for them in the upcoming months. 

DIY projects for plant lovers

All house owners love having plants around the house since this not only makes the place look pleasant but also has many other benefits, such as improving one’s mood. If your friends love plants, then they’re going to love a good DIY plant project. 

One of the seemingly simple but actually difficult projects is creating and maintaining bonsai plants, so if they’re up for the challenge, you could get them a bonsai-making kit with the right plants, pots, and tools needed to create them. 

Keep in mind that bonsai plants require a lot of tending and care, especially during the first few months of their life. It’s also best to include a detailed plant care guide or book that the couple can refer to whenever they need. What’s more is that there are various bonsai plants and styles, so they can experiment and find the type they love for their home and ambience.