VIDEO Q&A OF THE WEEK: “What’s the best way to learn all about building a house myself?”

“How can I learn to build my own house?” This was a question I answered about 10 years ago by video for one of my subscribers (and more recently by email for others), and my answer still applies today.

  • Video Watch Time = 1 3/4 minutes

The world offers many more information resources today than it did when my wife and I first set out to build our own home in the late 1980s (never having done anything like this before), but one source of information I used then is still excellent today. I have no reason to recommend The Taunton Press except that they make the best, most wide-ranging collection of homebuilding information anywhere. Watch the video below to learn more, and you can check out Taunton’s homebuilding resources here. 

As homebuilding costs rise, and fewer people seem to be able to find contractors who can take on more work, the do-it-yourself owner-builder experience makes more and more sense. Mary and I had never built a house before, but we managed to pull it off. Many other people could do the same. Houses are not complicated, just big. The concepts involved in construction or mostly quite simple for anyone willing to take the time to learn.

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– Steve Maxwell