Buy Villas with Pool in Dubai: Your Comprehensive Guide on Maintaining Your Personal Oasis

Have you ever dreamt about spending time abroad in a famous country, staying in your own place? Perhaps even with an urge to buy a villa in Dubai with a pool? If your response is yes, you should prepare to learn how to keep the pool clean no matter where it is. Sometimes, you will need to carry out certain cleaning activities by yourself, which will save you money but cost you some time. See a comprehensive guide with DIY tips on maintaining your pool. Read more on the official website Emirates Estate, and continue reading here, too.

One Fact to Keep in Mind

Did you know that swimming pools are among the most maintenance-intensive home features ever invented? A big mistake is to neglect the pool and not care for it. Deterioration sets in fast.  The cost of reviving a broken-down pool outweighs the time and money spent maintaining it by far. The last thing you want is to have a pool that’s too gross to swim in.

Alternatively, you can spend between 500 AED ($136 USD) to 2,000 AED ($545 USD) per month to maintain the pool and keep it usable for the whole year. You get the benefit of enjoying the pool while it is at its best, and you don’t have to worry about paying a massive amount for avoidable repairs all at once.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool?

Expert advice that you should clean your pool at least once a week. The most common DIY steps that you can easily do to keep your pool in good shape include:

  1. Prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool: prevention is always far better than cure or remedy. When you prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool, you preserve the lifespan of the water and the constant need for cleaning. For example, with consistent debris and dirt entering the pool, you may even have to clean it more than once a week.
  2. Regardless of how clean, careful, and debris-controlling you are, your pool will need cleaning now and then, at least once a week. What, then, must you do? Once prevention does not work, you have to move to the following remedy: using a skimmer to remove dirt and debris from your pool. A pool skimmer is a basket/filter-like tool affixed to the end of a pool and can filter dirt from the water. Some skimmers are adjustable because the poles can reach more extended parts of the swimming pool. After skimming, you can then remove the dirt from the skimmer.
  3. Maintain the water level: Many people need to learn that imbalanced water levels can reduce the chemical balance in pools and, as such, harm the longevity and cleanliness of the water and leave many dirty marks and lines in the pool. When your pool is installed, please enquire about the correct water level, and try to maintain it. You will protect your swimming pool and make it last longer.
  4. Vacuum the pool: This is as simple as it sounds. You can get a vacuuming machine or do it manually with a hose and other cleaning devices. Make sure that your pool filter is running when you intend to vacuum.
  5. Lastly, monitor the chlorine and chemical levels: When it comes to water, having the proper chemical balance is the best way to maintain it. One of the most important compositions of pool water is the chlorine level because it can color the pool when it is too high, or germs will thrive when it is too low. For this, it is always better to have professional help.

To Sum Up

As a closing note, there is one most common mistake among pool users, which is now termed the filter mistake. This often occurs when your filter is dirty and affects the pool. You should clean your filter as often as you use them; otherwise, they will be counterproductive and allow dirt to accumulate in your pool.