A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR HANDY PEOPLE: Simple & Fast for You, Great for Them

Need a fast, simple, terrific Christmas gift for that hands-on, how-to person in your life? You won’t find anything quite like my four-volume SOLAR ENERGY & WATER SYSTEM GIFT COLLECTION. It comes at a 20% Christmas discount with a money-back guarantee. The $59 set includes four video ebooks that normally sell for $76 separately. Here’s what you’ll be giving:

VIDEO eBOOK#1: PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR: Want backup electrical power without burning fuel in a generator? Construction plans, videos, instructions and materials list for building your own “gas-less” electrical generator.  A fun project that also delivers energy security in case of a long-term power failure. This is my most popular video ebook at the moment.

VIDEO eBOOK#2: BUILD YOUR OWN SOLAR FOOD DRYER: Preserve food without electricity. This brand new collection of plans, instructions and videos shows exactly how to build an effective, high capacity food dryer that works exclusively with sunlight. Electricity-free preservation of fruits, vegetables and meats is what this title delivers.

VIDEO eBOOK#3: KEEP IT FLOWING: Got a rural water system? This is the ultimate guide to installing, troubleshooting and maintaining the pumps, pipes and valves involved. Also includes plans, instructions and materials list for a system that gets lots of water from the weakest of wells. You won’t find this information anywhere else and it’s a lifesaver for people struggling with insufficient well water.

VIDEO eBOOK#4: SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE: This video ebook has saved people tens of thousands of dollars around the world. It explains a unique method for rescuing clogged septic systems without professional help. Most old septic systems are replaced unnecessarily. This ebook explains  why this happens and how life can be very different with the right information.

Here’s how ordering the gift set works . . .

Step#1: Click here to pay for the SOLAR ENERGY & WATER SYSTEM GIFT COLLECTION. Cost is $59.

Step#2: A few minutes after ordering you’ll get and automatic email with a download button. Click this button to get a handsome, full-colour gift certificate to give to your loved one. Print out this certificate and put it under the tree, pop it into the mail, or deliver it digitally by email. You can see a sample certificate here. The real certificate includes information for getting full access to all four titles in the collection.

Step#3: Ask your friend if they got the video ebooks okay.  Your lucky friend loved one will be able to download each video ebook for viewing on a computer or tablet. Each title can also be printed for screen-free reading.

My video ebooks are detailed, helpful and clear. People around the world tell me they love them. The four titles in the SOLAR & WATER SYSTEM GIFT COLLECTION include 29 videos in all, each designed to help with specific topics. Take a look and see for yourself risk-free. If that handy person in your life isn’t completely happy with the git you’ve given them, just let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

Got questions? Email me at [email protected]