CORDLESS ELECTRIC CHAINSAW?!: Watch This Thing in Action

Back in 2018 I got the chance to try Milwaukee’s then-new 18 volt cordless electric chainsaw. You can see me cutting some hard maple firewood logs using this saw in the video above. I know cordless tool battery technology has come a long way, but has it come far enough to make something like this practical? I had my doubts, but I’m now pleasantly surprised. I actually use this saw regularly now over my gas-powered ones for small jobs.

This 18 volt electric saw isn’t powerful enough to compete with big gas saws, but it is a surprisingly good little tool for light and medium-sized cutting jobs.

In this video I compared this lightweight little Milwaukee with the cutting speed of my biggest and fastest gas-powered saw – a 68cc unit from Echo. Click above to watch a video tour of Milwaukee’s 18 volt cordless chainsaw and see how much firewood it can cut on a single charge.