FREEZE-PROOF WATER: How to Protect a Raised Cabin Water Line from Freezing

A while back I was on a video call with a couple in Alberta, Canada building their own house following my Cozy Cabin course and plans. Alberta regularly sees temperatures of -40º in winter (that temperature is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) and they were wondering about building a freeze-proof water line coming in from the well where the pipe needs to turn upwards and go into the raised cabin. The video below shows a system I installed a number of years ago for just this kind of situation, and has been working perfectly ever since.

Video Watch Time = 3 1/4 minutes

It’s not always possible to protect household water supply lines in the usual way, by burying them under enough soil. Some landscapes (like many areas where I live) don’t have enough dirt over bedrock for this, and some buildings are constructed above ground only, with no basement.

The simple freeze-proof system you’ll see in the video below keeps water flowing in cold climates and works well. It’s also simple to install, and it uses parts that are easy to find and economical. I designed this approach myself and it has worked perfectly for years. Click below to watch. I’ve since discovered an all-in one ready-made freese-proof system by a company called Heat-Line that you can see here.

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– Steve Maxwell