ELECTRIC INFLOOR HEATING: A Simple & Effective Retrofit Option

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UPDATED 8Sep2018: Nights are starting too cool off where I live in Canada, and when heat waves of the summer are just a memory, warm floors are what you want. I don’t know anyone who dislikes a warm floor when the weather gets cold outside. It’s a wonderful feeling to have warm feet all the time, but there’s a problem. Installing hot water infloor heating can be technically troublesome, especially if you only want to heat a small area. I love hot water heating for floors, I’ve installed the hardware to make it happen, but it only makes sense when you have a large area to do. If you want to warm the floors of, say, your bathroom or other small space, you need something simpler and more nimble than hot water systems with their pumps, pipes, boiler and control.

The video below details how the latest version of electric infloor heating can work for you and work simply. There are a handful of electric infloor heating options these days, but the system shown here made by Schluter is much better than anything else I’ve seen so far. It’s more reliable, easier to install and easier to control. Isn’t electricity way to expensive to use for heat? Yes, it can be, but for small spaces the higher cost isn’t as important as simplicity of installation.

Click below to watch a video tour I made back in 2015 about electric infloor heating.