How to Use an Electric Saw Chain Sharpener

Want to get serious about your chainsaw sharpening skills? Watch the video below, then scroll down to get a free PDF sharpening guide.

If you’re serious about making firewood a part of your life, then you might want to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw more quickly and easily than by hand with a file. Sure, files can do a fine job in the right hands, but there are limits. I know because I sharpened our homestead chainsaws by hand with a file for 20 years. Bu tI don’t do that any more because there’s a much better way. Click on the icon below to download my hands-on guide for sharpening saw chains with an electric sharpener. Faster than a file, yes, but also WAY sharper results. Even the dullest chains I sharpen at my place these days using my electric sharpener cut even better than new. The chips just pour out of the saw after one of these sharpening. Master the process yourself.