eBOOK DOWNLOAD: How to Use an Electric Saw Chain Sharpener


If you’re serious about making firewood a part of your life, then you might want to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw more quickly and easily than by hand with a file. Sure, files can do a fine job in the right hands, but there are limits. I know because I sharpened our homestead chainsaws by hand with a file for 20 years. ButI don’t do that any more because there’s a much better way. Click on the icon to the left to download my hands-on guide for sharpening saw chains with an electric sharpener. Faster than a file, yes, but also WAY sharper results. Even the dullest chains I sharpen at my place these days using my electric sharpener cut even better than new. Check the process out and see for yourself.

Posted on January 28th, 2017


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