Episode#2 – Life@BaileyLineRoad

Welding, Chiselling, Trim & Cedar Fence Rails:

⇐ Click left to see how a Little Bit of Welding makes this set of tractor tire chains more reliable and less likely to fall off.

Click right ⇒ to see Door and Window Trim Milled From Scratch. This trim began as rough ash lumber and it includes a feature to hide drywall that extends too far past door and window jambs.


⇐ Click left and watch as I Chisel a Pocket for a Hand-Forged Door Hinge. A sharp chisel, a little patience and a very nice final fit are what you’ll see.

Click right ⇒ and join Ellie (8 years old) and Steve (53 years old) as they Salvage Cedar Fence Rails from another Manitoulin farm. Ellie insisted on a little farm wagon tap dance for you.