VIDEO FEATURE: Creating Fancy Sidewall Shingles

fancy shingles peakDSC_0022Normally I’m not a fan of wood siding. It just doesn’t last long enough and it’s always hungry for paint or stain. But things are different when it comes to cedar sidewall shingles. Applied to walls, cedar shingles last much longer than any other wood siding option. They also look great where modern siding would be glaringly out of place.

As good as they are, cedar sidewall shingles look even better if you work fancy details into your installation. It’s easier than it looks and the results are one-of-a-kind beauty. Watch my quick video below on one of my favourite ways of making fancy cedar sidewall shingles look terrific. It’s one of the 45 videos in my how-to course COZY CABIN – plans and step-by-step how-to instruction on building your own tiny house.