Five Facts about Jomtien Beach in Thailand

With the growing interest in buying vacation properties abroad, a place called Jomtien Beach in Thailand may have appeared on your radar. In this article you’ll learn five main things about this place, including the beach itself, places to hang out, things to do, and the features of the region.

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1. Location: The beach lies in the South East of Bangkok in the province of Chonburi and is only about three kilometers away from the famous Pattaya community. Jomtien Beach is now home to many impressive modern houses ranging from bungalows to big villas designed for the ocean-water view.

2. Renouned as one of the homes of Retirees in Bangkok: You will find many retirees and aged people buying properties and living in Jomtien Beach town due to the affordability of the area, the cost of living there, which is accessible compared to many other city areas, and the various flexible modes of payment that is possible in the country. Note: Although often called “the retirement place for those from Bangkok”, there is a considerable number of youths, young adults, and family living and vacationing in Jomtien Beach.

3. The Jomtien area is more affordable to live in: When you consider the cost of living in Jomtien vis-à-vis other areas such as Phuket or even Pattaya, which is close to it, Jomtien is far cheaper and offers a quality lifestyle that is not necessarily harmful to a weak pocket. Properties in the area are not inflated like in other major cities, and food, transportation, etc., are on average.

4. Jomtien Beach has splendid nightlife: You will agree that nightlife quality is an excellent factor when considering living in an area. For example, when you return exhausted from the day’s work, wouldn’t it be soothing to find a friendly pub, restaurant, or eatery around the corner where you can burn off the day’s steam? Jomtien beach has high nightlife standards, and you can find items to enjoy deep into the night.

5. Ease of access: Unlike many private and isolated beaches in Thailand, Jomtien is in the middle of the town and can be reached with zero stress. For example, some remote areas can only be accessed on a ferry, by helicopter, or by hours of travel. You can enter Jomtien Beach from Bangkok, Pattaya, form Rama, etc. The area is accessible by road and close to other key city centers in the country.

Things to do in Jomtien Beach

With the calmness of the ocean and its many beauties, here are some activities you can engage in as an ex-pat, visitor, or tourist in Jomtien in 2023.

Sunbathe – The Jomtien Beach has a calm feeling on its own, and the 6 km long beach is divided into some action areas where you will find many ex-pats and visitors worldwide. This side of the beach is bustling and may be too noisy for meditation, but there are also quiet parts where you can sunbathe and capture the quietness of the ocean while enjoying quality time.

Restaurant: Enjoy native Thai recipes from any first-rate restaurants at Jomtien Beach. Some restaurants serve foreign delicacies while some focus on roadside snacks of the Thais. Whichever you decide to go for, if it is in Jomtien, it is worth it.

Beach Sport: If it is in Jomtien Beach, you can be sure of premium sport enjoyment. Do well to assemble your fellow players just to be double sure.

The highlights of the Jomtien Beach

One advantage of Jomtien Beach is its quietness and how clean and serene it is. When there is a massive influx of people, beaches are generally left untended, with a constant need to clean up and maintain the Island. Jomtien, naturally, is cleaner and more well-kept than many other beaches with uncontrollable traffic. But remember that since it is in town, you can seamlessly access any other major recreational center in Pattaya.