If you’ve always wanted to build your own off-grid solar & wind energy system, then you can save money on training because of a guy named Cary R. Back in August I got an email from him. He was putting together a discounted collection of online courses about hands-on living, homesteading, permaculture, living off the grid, disaster preparedness, etc. and planned to offer the entire collection at a large discount. Did I want to include a course of my own in his collection? I saw an advantage for you as a subscriber, so I said yes.

Cary had discovered my OFF-GRID PREPPER POWER energy course and invited me to include it in his lineup.  He calls his collection  “THE OFF-THE-GRID SUPER STACK”. It includes 25 ebooks, ecourses and one membership community for $49 USD.  The actual cost of all the items as they’re being sold separately adds up to $748.80. Cary’s discount begins this coming Tuesday, September 10 and runs to the 17 inclusive. You can’t buy the SUPER STACK until Tuesday, but you can check it out here. I’ll be sending out a reminder email about this on Tuesday.

OFF-GRID POWER in the Super Stack

OFF-GRID PREPPER POWER is one of two courses I have in Cary’s collection. Even if it was the only one you were interested in, you can save money with Cary’s deal. OFF-GRID PREPPER POWER is a highly detailed, easy to understand video-based program that covers everything you need to know to design, build and operate a complete off-grid solar-and-wind electrical system for your home or vacation property. I created this course myself, hundreds of people have taken this course and love it. I also stand ready to provide one-on-one help by email if there are things in the course you don’t understand.

As I mentioned, Cary is selling his entire Super Stack for $49 USD, including my own energy course.  If this whole thing wasn’t an exceptionally good deal I wouldn’t be telling you about it. Even if you only find a few of the courses in the collection worthwhile, you’ll be ahead financially.

The instructions, plans, schematic diagrams and videos that are part of my OFF-GRID PREPPER POWER course will leave you knowing how to: 

  • Build an entire off-grid energy system from scratch. Nothing will be a mystery.
  • Create a wind & solar system that works exceptionally well together.
  • Use voltage, amperage & other electrical concepts as you design your own system.
  • Determine how much off-grid energy you need for your household.
  • Manage batteries for decades-long working life.
  • Strip wires, solder them, use electrical tools and complete electrical connections.

Some of the other courses included in Cary’s OFF THE GRID SUPER STACK are: 

  • Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater by Paul Wheaton
  • How to Start Homesteading by Annie Lewellyn
  • Hide Tanning eBook by Natalie Bogwalker
  • How to Make Your Own Natural Soaps by Heidi Villegas
  • Food Storage Master Class by Charisse Merrill
  • Simple Way to Knit Socks by Maryna Shevchenko
  • Survivalist Prepper Academy – 1 year membership
  • Going Off the Grid: The how-to book of simple living & happiness by Gary Collins
  • Wilderness Survival Course by Joel van der Loon
  • Family Survival Guide by Mykel Hawke

Click here to check out the entire Super Stack collection. To be honest, not all of the courses sound great to me, but some will probably interest you. Just to make sure, I’ve included a second course of mine in the SUPER STACK.


I’m including this brand new course as a limited time extra for the Super Stack discount event.

I probably won’t be making more than a few pennies as part of this program since I only get a percentage of each sale. I agreed to be part of it mostly because I thought you’d appreciate the discount.

As I mentioned, you probably won’t find all the courses in the collection of interest to you. That’s why I’m  including a second course as part of my share of the package. In addition to OFF-GRID PREPPER POWER, you’ll also get a brand new premium course of mine called FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR. I just finished it this past week. I’ll start selling it after the SUPER STACK week is over, but for now you can get it as part of the package.

What does this course cover? FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR explains everything you need to know to plan, buy, store and use a years worth of real food for 365 days. You and your family will be well-fed and healthy during times of trouble when grocery stores might not be open nor stocked. I haven’t seen anything out there that compares with the detail and recommendations of this course. After studying FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR you’ll know how to:

  • Design, test & stockpile emergency food based on a four-day trial
  • Prepare wheat and other “simple staples” to keep you fed & happy
  • Grow a “survival garden” that will keep you fed while regular gardeners falter
  • Raise your own grass-fed beef simply, using a pasture-based system
  • Build a traditional smokehouse following plans and instructional videos
  • Create your own electricity-free solar food dryer for preserving fruits, veggies & meats
  • Build and use two kinds of root cellars – plans & instructions included.

If the OFF THE GRID SUPER STACK sounds like something you’d like to get, check it out now. As I mentioned before, Cary is shutting the event down at midnight, Tuesday September 17th. I’d keep it going longer if it were up to me, but it’s not my shot to call. All I can do is help you find it worth buying.