WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FOOD SUPPLY?: Discounted Course Package Teaches Essentials


UPDATED 3Apr2020 + 4 bonus course modules + 19% discount code:  Have you ever stopped to think how vulnerable you and your family are to extended food shortages? Even if you haven’t thought about food security so far in your life, you’re probably thinking of it now. If local grocery stores run out of toilet paper because people get scared, what about food?  Weather disasters, economic collapse and social unrest are all distinct possibilities. They always have been. How would you manage? I hope nothing like this ever happens to you, me or our families, but it could. We’ve all seen how fast the whole world can change. Isn’t it about time you did something to protect yourself? The latest COVID-19 realities are a gentle wake-up call compared with how things could be.

Hope alone is never a wise preparation strategy. That’s why  I created a detailed self-reliance preparation course called FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR. As far as I’ve seen, this is the most complete course of its kind in the world, and you can get it right here along with 4 bonus courses. Videos, building plans, instructions and procedures are all waiting for you in this online package, now with a discount code for 19% off.

FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR explains everything you need to know to plan, buy, store and use a year’s worth of real food for 365 days. You and your family can be well-fed and healthy during times of trouble when grocery stores aren’t open nor stocked. There are construction plans for root cellars, a smokehouse, a solar food dryer and other things in the course, too.

After examining FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR, you’ll know how to:

  • Design, test (yes “test”) & stockpile emergency food with confidence based on a four-day trial exercise
  • Prepare wheat and other “simple staples” to keep you fed & happy long term
  • Grow a “survival garden” that will keep you fed while regular gardeners falter
  • Raise your own grass-fed beef simply, using a pasture-based system
  • Build a traditional smokehouse following plans and instructional videos
  • Create your own electricity-free solar food dryer for preserving fruits, veggies & meats
  • Build and use four kinds of root cellars – plans & instructions included.

3 Bonus Courses, Plans & Discount Code

To make a real difference in your food self-reliance strategy, the FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR course package now comes with 3 bonus courses. These bonus items are selling now for $19 to $39 each right now, but come free as part of FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR. Scroll down and  see what the covers of the bonus courses. Use covid19 discount code at checkout and  receive a 19% subscriber discount.

Bonus courses you get  with the FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR online course