WALK-IN TUBS: The Basics of What to Look For

Investing in a walk-in bath tub is a big decision. If you make this decision right, you’ll enjoy a lot of benefit. Choose wrong and it could be an unwise investment. This guide will get you started finding the best walk-in tub for your situation. Keep reading to get started right.

What Is a Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub allows easier access into and out of the bath without having to step over a tall tub side. A waterproof door can be opened to enter, then opened again to get out after the water has drained. Having a tub like this is one piece of the puzzle that’ll allow you or your loved one to remain at home and taken care of longer without moving to an institution. If you’re purchasing this system for yourself, you can certainly expect it to make your life easier and help you be more self sufficient when mobility is challenged by age or by an injury. Things to consider when you buy a walk in tub system:

Think About the Cost

Investing in a walk-in tub is not always the most affordable option, but you can find units at budget-friendlier prices if you look. Aside from the initial cost, you’ll also have to consider the cost of installing a walk in tub. You might be able to install such a system yourself if you are a handy, able-bodied person, but chances are you’ll need a specialist to do the work. Ask for at least three references from anyone you might hire, then call the references and see how their project went. Never hire an installer without checking references.

Ultimately, you should think of the cost of a walk-in tub as being cheaper  than a visit to the doctor and the pain of broken bones. Most household accidents happen in the bathroom, so if an investment in a walk in tub helps avoid trouble, it’s definitely worth it.

Think About Safety & Features

Does the tub come with handrails? Does the floor have good grip when it’s wet? Is it easy to get into and out of the tub? Is there a fast draining system on this tub? These are all crucial questions to ask.

Some of the best walk in tub systems have an in-line heating feature that takes the load off your household water heater.  Read product descriptions carefully before pulling out your credit card. If you have any safety concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer to clarify them. If they can’t answer you clearly, look for another walk-in tub.

Think About Comfort

Comfort is also important, of course. You should feel comfortable and relaxed in order to enjoy your bath. If you’re choosing this system for yourself, make sure the dimensions of it accommodate your body. Climb right in and try it on before you buy. If you’re purchasing a tub for a friend or a relative who can’t leave the house to sit in the tub in a showroom, take along an able-bodied person of the same size to see how they fit.

Considering the needs of the user will make purchasing such a walk in tub system a lot easier. If you’re using a wheelchair, they should be able to access the tub in their chair without struggling. Maybe the person getting the tub has a medical condition that affects their sense of balance.  If they need support for only one side of their body, ask about customization that accommodates this kind of need.

Think About Design

Of course, the appearance of a walk-in tub is not the most important aspect, but definitely one you should consider. These products come in a wide variety of models and colors. You should also pay attention to the materials used to put the walk-in tub together. These might look nice in the showroom, but will they last? Ask about the corrosion resistance of any metal you see on the tub. Only stainless steel will remain completely free of corrosion long-term.

Consider the design of your bathroom so the walk in tub system will fit right in visually. If you favour white as a bathroom colour, invest in a tub with neutral colours. Bring photos of your bathroom when you shop so salespeople can give you better advice.

Check the Reviews

It’s never been easier to learn from the buying experiences of others. Most products have published reviews about them, so read carefully, beginning with the lowest ratings. While it’s important to check reviews if you’re planning to invest in a walk in tub, keep in mind that some people will complain about anything. People also have different mobility challenges and they tend to deal with them in different ways. Read the reviews accordingly.

Walk-In Tub Buying Recap

As you choose, keep an eye on how various designs will age and how easy they will be to keep clean. Pay attention to safety, but allow yourself to be subjective when it comes to styling and comfort. Don’t base your purchase entirely on what others have to say, but do keep it in mind.

Investing in a walk in tub system doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow this guide as a start and keep notes as you learn about what’s out there. Remember that walk-in tubs are created to increase the safety and ability to live at home of people who struggle with their mobility. Of course anyone can use a walk-in tub, but they’re really not made for a person who doesn’t need one.