HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Join Me for an Online Training Camp

Have you ever dreamed of breaking free from a regular, location-dependant job, enjoying the freedom to earn your living online from any place in the world? If this is you, I have a story to tell and an announcement to make. The announcement is about an online training camp I’m running with a friend and colleague. It’s called HOW TO EARN A LIVING FROM ANYWHERE, it begins on April 15, 2023, and it covers the skills I’ve been using for 30+ years that let me (and others) live with more freedom and career satisfaction.

But first, the story behind all this . . .

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How I Got Started With This “Money Online” Thing

Here I am earning a living online in the mid-1990s, while sitting on a hammock on my verandah.

On a sunny evening in August 1981, I was an 18 year-old high school student riding back to the farm where I worked for the summer. Although my boyhood home was in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, I was sitting on the fender of a tractor as my friend Paul drove while the sun set beautifully. That’s when a question popped into my head: “What’s involved in owning a nice piece of rural property? How much does land cost? What are annual taxes like? What might I do to earn a living out in the countryside?

This last question was more important than I realized at the time, and of course I had no idea that I’d end up funding my family and homestead on a rural island in Canada mostly with online income. No one had ever even heard of the term “online” back then. But fast-forward 42 years to 2023, and this is where things get interesting for anyone looking to earn money online, to boost personal freedom, increase financial security and make a work life that’s actually fun.

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How an Internet Connection Can Let You Earn Money Online

Me again in my workshop, writing one of the thousands of how-to articles I have on my website.

It all began for me in 1988, when another question popped into my head: “How are magazine articles created?”

This prompted me to mail a letter to the editor of Canadian Workshop magazine with an idea for an article about sharpening woodworking tools. She gave me the go-ahead to write it (even though I had no journalism training) – a break that eventually led to regular, part-time work writing for a handful of magazines and newspapers. This was the start. It was remote work, but not online yet because there was no “online”.

For the next ten years my wife and I shared the responsibility of earning a household income. That was until 1998 when she decided she’d had enough of being a registered nurse. She quit to become a full-time homemaker and mom, while I became the sole breadwinner for our family. I’ve been handling this responsibility ever since, working entirely online. Besides being great fun, making money online has delivered a lot of other benefits to our family:

  • Hands-on parenting: Our five kids have grown up with two parents at home all the time. This has been a huge benefit.
  • Time for variety: Since I don’t commute, I have time to build things and work my small farm and modern homestead. It’s so nice to be able to work indoors part of the time, but then go outside for some “real work”.
  • Travel and flexibility: Since my online business is entirely portable, my wife and I could travel to see my son Joseph compete in shot put internationally on a number of occasions, we were able to spend a month in South Africa picking up our adopted daughter Ellie, I was available to watch my kids at school activities during the work week, and I never get bored with my work nor do I have to work with people I don’t like. I can honestly say I look forward to Monday mornings when I get back to making money online.
  • Joy: Since my work making money online is quite entrepreneurial (nice, but not essential for everyone), I usually have some new project on the go that fills my days with hope and fun challenges. I never dread my work, and always look forward to it.
  • Great people: My online work keeps me in regular contact with skilled, excellent people of my own choosing from all over the world. These people help me with my own website, they help me create digital products for sale around the world, they’ve helped me make my YouTube videos more popular, they help with my affiliate marketing program, and lots of other things.

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Can Making Money Online Really Work?

Yes, it definitely can. I know from 30+ years of personal experience that making money online is something that’s entirely possible. This is true whether you want to earn a full-time income to support a family, or just earn extra money to supplement your retirement income. There’s a very good chance you can make it happen for yourself, too. I’ve been making money online since there was such a thing as a useable internet (actually, I started before this), and three of my five kids are now second-generation internet workers earning money online doing something like the same thing I do.

The biggest question most people have is “what kind of work can I do?”

Options for Making Money Online

This is the home page of my YouTube channel. This is part of the system I’ve created for earning money online

You don’t need to spend a long time on the internet to discover people who promise to help you get rich online with little effort and hardly any time invested. If such things are true, I don’t know how to make them happen. Instead, my approach is more realistic, though the opportunities certainly are real. Now, more than ever, it’s possible to make money online, earning extra cash or even a full time living. You don’t need to commute, you don’t need to live close to physical work opportunities, and you don’t need to accept whatever the boss is willing to pay.

In my own case, the work I do has evolved from those early days of writing print articles in a pre-internet world. These days my online business involves:

  • Creating articles and videos for websites and publications owned by others.
  • Making videos for my YouTube channel and receiving ad income.
  • Selling online courses and ebooks.
  • Advising people remotely about building and renovation projects.
  • Developing my website (the one you’re on now).

My online work is bigger than I can handle on my own, so I get help regularly from other online workers from all over the world. Read below what they do and see how they offer examples of the growing variety of ways to earn money online.

This work has led me to some remarkable people who all earn their living online:

  • Maria in Nigeria is an expert at laying out a new online course whenever I have one.
  • David in Toronto is a master at building websites and researching the kind of topics people are interested in.
  • Mike is a genius at coding and making my website do what I want it to.
  • Luke is a YouTube expert who optimizes the number of people who watch my videos.
  • Len in Toronto is an artist who has been drawing plans and illustrations for me since 1990.
  • Robert, my oldest son, lives in a second house on our homestead property and he’s my live-in videographer. Most of the work he does is for others, and he just started a Youtube channel called Cabin in the Woods.
  • Paul is my social media guy and he helps me expand my audience around the world.
  • Katherine, my oldest daughter, is a mother of four (soon to be five), and she earns thousands of dollars a month with her website and YouTube channel, all while always being home with her kids and husband Paul.
  • Amy is a freelance graphic designer living in the countryside and we’ve been working together (remotely) for 30+ years.
  • Bhuvnesh lives in India and he’s helping me get my courses in front of affiliate sales people who can handle course sales for me.

Join the Two Steves for our “How to Earn a Living From Anywhere” Training Camp

My friend and colleague, Steve Biggs, lives in the heart of Toronto, Canada, and he’s an urban homesteader who also knows how to make money online doing things he loves. That’s Steve below.

Steve Biggs in his “urban homestead” garden, when he’s not online making money

I’ve been earning a living online since there was such a thing as “online”, and this has been instrumental in the success of my modern homestead. That’s me enjoying a little “real work” time away from the computer.

Here I am doing some stonework. The freedom to have variety in my workday is one of the big benefits of earning money online. If I’m tired of sitting at the computer, I just go outside for some “real work”

If you’ve ever dreamed about breaking away from regular work and enjoying the freedom of earning money online, you won’t find a better event to begin learning than the camp that Steve Biggs and I are hosting. Learn from people who actually do make money online, all with no risk. If you’re not delighted by the value you get, just let us know and you’ll get a prompt refund. If you dream of freedom and making good money online, this camp will make you smile.

When the April camp event rolls around, Steve Biggs and I will explain in much more detail how you can build the systems necessary to deliver value for whatever skill you might be interested in monetizing. If this is something you’re even considering attending, I encourage you to sign up by clicking the button below.

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Earn Money Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got general questions? Below you’ll find the most common questions people ask about how to earn a living online.

How You Can Make Money Online?

There are many ways, including content creation, video production and hosting, setting up an online store, selling online courses, creating a web development business, market research, being a virtual assistant and more. Some of these options even generate passive income whereby money comes in automatically because of what you’ve created, not piece work.

How can I make $300 dollars a day online?

There are many ways to earn the modest sum of $300 per day: write an online story; make a 5 minute video for someone; spend the day building a website for a client; sell a couple of online courses;

How can I make money online right now?

If you want a reliable online income, you need to get rid of the “make money online fast” mentality. The main thing to understand is the same thing anyone needs to deliver to make money in any way – bring value to people who are willing to pay for it. And for this you need to develop skills that are probably new to you. The quickest way to get started might mean becoming a virtual assistant for someone. My oldest son, Robert, started a YouTube channel that began to make money for him 35 days after he launched it.

What is the best site to make money online?

Any “site” that offers to pay people with no skills is not likely to be worthwhile for the long term. What you want to do is to create your own website and digital products and properties that deliver value to the world.

What are the top 5 ways to make money online?

In my experience, and based on the skills I’ve developed and the interests I have, my top 5 ways to make money online include:

  • Building a YouTube channel that generates automatic income from how-to videos.
  • Creating a website that attracts lots of traffic.
  • Making written and video content for others.
  • Consulting virtually on building and renovation projects using online video and email.
  • Building and selling online courses.

There are many other ways to make money online. These just happen to be the ones I’ve pursued.

How can I make $100 a day from home?

$100 a day is an easily attainable goal if you have some digital skills. Online research, complete online surveys, and running businesses that tutor people online will all work. The thing is, the more time you take developing more advanced online skills, the more money you’ll make, and the more easily you’ll get to the point of earning automatic or semi-automatic income.

How can I actually make money online for free?

The “for free” part is something people often aspire to, but this mentality will prevent anyone from earning a reliable income online. The online world is no different than the offline world when it comes to making money. You need to provide the kind of value people are willing to pay for. No value, no income. In the same way no one can expect to make good money with physical work “for free” (i.e. no preparation), you need to develop skills for making money online.