VIDEO: Leak-Proof Alternative to Eavestrough

Eavestrough is a necessary evil for most people simply because it solves the problem of water landing on the ground too close to your house. Walls can be damaged by the constant splashing of water nearby, and an otherwise dry basement can become wet if all the rainwater on a roof is allowed to land right next to the house.

Unfortunately, eavestrough has a downside, too. Several downsides, in fact. Besides the fact that eavestroughs eventually clog up with leaves and dirt, they can also develop leaks. Most eavestrough I see isn’t large enough to handle really big rains, so they overflow just when you need them.

All these reasons are why I began looking for more effective alternatives to standard eavestrough. One option that I like is called Rainhandler. It’s not better than eavestrough in every situation, but it is a useful alternative to eavestrough as I’ve discovered at my own place.

Click below to watch a video tour of Rainhandler that I made back in 2009. I still like this product as much as ever today.