INTERIOR WOOD FINISHING: Watch a Video From My Online Course

Are you frustrated with the results you get finishing wood in your home workshop? My online course Wood Finishing for Beginners can help. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create a handful of beautiful, interior finishes on furniture, trim and even hardwood floors using urethane, wipe-on poly, chalked paint and more.  If you’ve ever had trouble putting a great finish on any kind of interior wood, this course is for  you. The video below is one of the training videos from the course. I hope you enjoy it. Use coupon code BONUS40 for 40% off the price this course for subscribers.

One thing the video doesn’t mention is brand and type of urethane. Although you can get good results with most brands, one formulation in particular stands out. Varathane Pro Finisher is by-far the easiest urethane to deliver good results. Slightly slower drying time is the reason why. It lets brush strokes flow out so you get smooth results. I find it much better than any other urethane I’ve tried.

  • Watch time: 7 minutes

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– Steve Maxwell