Investing in Outdoor Fun: The Impact of Playground Equipment on Property Value

If you have a backyard, perhaps you’ve been considering creating a safe and play-friendly space for your kids. It makes a lot of sense, and adding a backyard playset to your home is something that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Installing your very own playground can have smaller or similar pieces of playground equipment found in parks. There are plenty of choices for backyard playsets and toys in colors and designs that catch the eyes of children of all ages. Investing in play equipment would encourages children to play and benefit from sunlight and the outdoors. This investment could also play out positively in the value of your property. Let’s dig deeper.

Does Adding a Backyard Playset Improve the Value of the Home? 

The impact a backyard playset will have on your home’s property value will vary depending on several factors. Generally, a well-made, high-quality, and properly maintained playset can enhance the appeal of a home to families with young children or those planning to have kids. For these potential buyers, there’ll be no need to create an outdoor play area from scratch, and there’ll be fewer things to buy when the equipment is high quality—a win for parents who have to furnish an entire home. 

Your playground equipment could also be a valuable home feature in a neighborhood with many kids (thus attracting similar home buyers). But the value added by your backyard playset may not be significant in a neighborhood without many families with young children.    

Note that the playset’s return on investment, as with any home improvement project, also depends on its condition. A swing set or jungle gym sitting abandoned in a yard with overgrown grass does not add appeal to a home; instead, it creates a gloomy atmosphere and poses a safety issue. 

Buyers appreciate move-in-ready homes, but be clear on what’s included in the sale from the outset. A common dispute is whether playground equipment is considered a fixture and expected to stay with the house. Be ready to negotiate with the buyer regarding what stays and goes. Ensure you leave the playset and all that is part of the home sale in the best condition possible. 

How Do You Make Installing a Backyard Playset Valuable to Your Property? 

Ensure that every piece of playground equipment that goes into your backyard is worth the money by looking into these things: 

  1. Space. Select the best spot to install a playset. Clear it of obstructions and hazards. Add mulch or sand to prepare the ground to be leveled and the surface energy-absorbent.
  2. Safety. Check if the equipment meets safety standards. Also, consider its construction and materials to prevent injuries (e.g., between metal and plastic slides, which is safer for your backyard?). 
  3. Durability. Quality goes without saying in getting playground equipment for your yard. It also figures into the life of the playset. A high-quality, properly maintained wooden swing set can last decades.
  4. Enjoyment. The kids being able to enjoy using the playset for a long time can justify its cost. But kids grow fast, so flexible play systems that you can build on may be able to sustain their interest as well as prospective buyers’. Playground equipment also has an age range, something to keep in mind when “future-proofing.” And if you or other adults would like to join in the fun, consider the weight limitations of the equipment.
  5. Maintenance. A playset’s life expectancy and safety are tied to how well it’s being taken care of, such as staining and sealing wood and ensuring all screws are tight and in the right places. A playset may require minimal upkeep—clean and keep an eye on its condition. 
  6. Storage. Consider the possibility of disassembling and storing the playset, just like your old patio furniture. Should you set up or sell the equipment in the future, they’ll still look good and functional.

Your Property and Nearby Amenities 

In-home amenities like playground equipment may seem redundant in areas with the best amenities, like in LA. These include swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, and areas for fitness and play. 

Still, it’s convenient to own a wonderful playset at home. Your kids can play whenever they want without leaving the house or worrying about park hours. You can guarantee their safety and security better at home too. You can customize the playset to fit your and your children’s needs and preferences. Assuming your house is in a family-friendly neighborhood, your backyard playset would fit in just fine. 


Your playground equipment can positively impact your property value, given that it is well-made and maintained and contributes to the home’s overall beauty and functionality. A home with its own playground is most appealing to families like yours. Creating your outdoor space where your family – and especially your children – can play complements the amenities offered in the neighborhood.