Is there an alternative to an HRV for condensation?

Is there a cheaper way to control wintertime window condensation and icing than installing a $2000 heat recovery ventilator?

frozen_condensation_windowYes, there is another way to get rid of moisture, but you’re not going to like it. The alternative to an HRV involves increasing your heating bill. The trick is to get more fresh air into your home the old fashioned way — by opening windows. You can also boost ventilation by leaving exhaust fans on for longer periods of time.

But before you do any of this, there’s one thing you should check first. Does you furnace have a humidifier? If so, shut it off completely. If it’s ON and set to a high level of humidity, it may be responsible for the extra moisture you have compared with your neighbours.

It’s also possible that your home has been made tighter than others with better windows and more diligent installation of weather stripping and door sweeps.