INFO RESOURCE: Finding Products to Kill Mold

Looking for products to kill mold? Many of the specific products I test and recommend are new enough that store clerks don’t always know that the stores they work for carry them. “I’ve never seen that before” is a comment that some of my readers hear when they go looking for products I recommend. This page helps solve that problem for my favourite products to kill mold.

Concrobium makes the best products to kill mold that I’ve tested so far. Their Mold Control product is an doorless, non-toxic liquid that kills mold and discourages re-growth. The product comes in three package sizes: 946 ml, 3.78 L and 18.9 L for commercial users.

Mold Stain Eraser. It’s an oxygen-based powder that you mix with water and applied to mood-stained areas to make them disappear. This usually happens without scrubbing and works well for brightening grey, weathered wood, too.



Here are stock numbers from five major retailers across North America:

Mold Control 946 ml: 1000150815

Mold Control 3.87 L: 1000150893

Mold Stain Eraser: 1000735416



Mold Control 946 ml: 10595636S

Mold Control 3.87 L: 10595637S

Mold Control 18.9 L: 10595635S




Concrobium Mold Control 946ml: 53-0822-4




Mold Control 946 ml: 4232001

Mold Control 3.78 L: 4232003



Mold Control 946 ml: 4511-070

Mold Control 3.78 L: 4511-071

Mold Stain Eraser: 4520-004