LIFE @ Bailey Line Road – Episode#1

This is the first of the weekly “video visits” you’ll find here on Each episode highlights four of the things we’re up to at our Manitoulin Island homestead/farm/workshop/country life.  I hope you find it all interesting. [email protected] Bailey Line Road is the actual road where we live, and is where you can drop by and see what we’re up to.

This week’s features:

  • See the amazing growth rings of the black locust tree
  • Learn how to tell if a square really is square
  • Watch a sharp chainsaw in slow motion
  • Tour an electric saw chain sharpener in action

Ever seen a black locust tree stump? The growth rings on this species are huge. Click left to see a black locust I cut down and the amazing stump it left behind.

We’re building a door in the shop these days, and this involves the use of a square. Click right to see a simple test for a square.

We’re cutting firewood and there’s nothing like a sharp chainsaw to speed the work. Click left for slo-mo footage of a hungry saw.

For years I’ve used an electric saw chain sharpener to keep my saws cutting well. Click right for a quick tour of how these tools work and to see mine in action.