METALWORKING: Welding Homemade Steel Staircase

A while back my son, Robert, and I built a set of compact stairs for his tiny house here at his place on Bailey Line Road, making videos during the process. Click below to watch the main steel body of this stair project coming together with welded treads. As you’ll see, each step has an offset tread shape which reduces the horizontal space required for the staircase by about 50%. It’s a design approach that can work in a lot of small homes. Welding sand blasted steel, careful measurements and a MIG welder in action are all part of this video.

  • Video#1 Watch Time = 5 3/4 minutes
  • Video#2 Watch Time = 3 1/2 minutes

Are you interested in the parts we had cut in a custom shop that uses computer-controlled water jet technology? Click below for a video that shows a close look at these parts.

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– Steve Maxwell