ADJUSTING A MIG WELDER: Watch How Two Key Parameters Affect Welding Outcome

One reason welding has become so much easier for beginners is because of a certain type of machine called a “MIG welder”. Click below to watch a video where I teach the fine points of adjusting the two parameters of any MIG welder, voltage output and wire feed speed. I think you’ll find it interesting. Correct adjustment is key to great results.

This video comes from my online course, MIG Welding for Beginners.

Here’s what one welding student has to sat about the course:

“It has been a very enjoyable going through these easy to follow and understand welding course. I’m very excited to get started on a new adventure in welding. Due to your class on the equipment, I did my research on welders and found that the Lincoln 210 was a great match for my needs. I’m also excited to tackle the Little wood stove plan, as I do a lot of camping. I am hoping that the Building Tiny House classes will be as enjoyable, as I will be taking it, with you in a few weeks. I just again want to say THANKS !!” – EH