MOLD STAIN REMOVAL VIDEO: See Oxygen-Based Cleaner In Action

Do you have mold and mildew stains to remove? Back in July 2018, I wrote a story on the evolution of oxygen-based stain removers over the last 10 years and how these products have advanced with next-generation formulations that are easier to use and more effective. I got dozens of emails about that article, some wondering where to buy these newer products and others about how they work.

The video below shows a two-part, oxygen-based stain remover called Duo Blast in action. It’s the newest and most effective I’ve tried so far. Part of that is the two-part liquid formulation. Most people are surprised to see how effectively oxygen-based stain removers  like this work. Click below to see for yourself.

NOTE: Many of the emails I received were from people looking to buy Duo Blast but unable to find it. The product is new, so not all clerks know that the store they work for actually carries the product. Duo Blast is sold by Home Depot, but as I said, some of the store clerks don’t realize it. Duo Blast’s own product number on the 1 gallon jug is 029-0467. Home Depot’s article number is 1001104842. You should find it in the building materials section of stores in Canada. I understand it will be available beginning in the last few months of 2018 in the US. Fill out the “More Info” section at the website here and you’ll be notified when Duo Blast becomes available in your area.

Click below to watch how it’s mixed and works.


Posted on August 10th, 2018