One-Time Wood Finish is Non-Toxic, Effective and Canadian

eco wood treatment steve maxwell best findsThe hassles of keeping outdoor wood looking good prompted me to take a closer look at a product called Eco Wood Treatment, and the results are why I keep using it on my own projects. Although it’s not for every situation, there are specific reasons why I like and use it.

Eco Wood Treatment is a powder that you mix with water, then apply to bare wood with a brush, sprayer or by dipping. The tea-coloured liquid does not colour the wood like a stain, but causes the surface to turn an olive brown colour by chemical reaction. You’ll first notice the darkening action within minutes of application, continuing for several months until the wood looks like it’s been sitting outside for years. But unlike ordinary weathering, the appearance created by the product is as even as your application job. As long as every part of the surface has been made wet, the brown colour is nice and even in appearance. Apply it once, then that’s it.

I use a backpack sprayer for applying Eco Wood Treatment because the results are fast. The product isn’t sticky, and simply wipes off windows, doors or any other nearby surface that gets covered accidentally.

Part of creating a sane and environmentally sensible home for yourself is an important recognition: you’re a finite being living in a world of potentially infinite maintenance demands. Realize this often-overlooked fact right up front, minimize ongoing maintenance traps by design, then enjoy your home for all that it can be.