Q&A OF THE WEEK: “How Does Your Distilled Water System Work?”

This is the automatic water distiller we have in our basement. A small pump underneath the unit pumps water upstairs to a water dispenser in the fridge, and I fill jugs from a spigot to use for filling kettles and the dog bowl and such.

Q: How do you get water from the automatic basement distiller I’ve seen in your videos so the water is upstairs where you can use it? You don’t go downstairs every time you need drinking water, right?

A: We get water from our distiller in two ways. One is by going down to the basement with some one gallon glass jugs. We keep four in rotation for things like filling up kettles and other uses that involve large volumes. The distiller manufacturer also offers a small, electric, on-demand pump that fits on the bottom of the distiller. It draws directly from the tank and sends pressurized water wherever you want it. In my case this goes to the water dispenser in our fridge. This provides cold water to fill glasses and for making ice. I could have also put a second tap on the kitchen sink, but I didn’t want to drill holes in the sink and counter. The fridge water dispenser is an easy option and works well along with the jugs. I find that drinking distilled water offers distinct health and wellness advantages that I’ve noticed over the couple of years my family and I have been drinking it exclusively. You can learn more about the advantages of distilled water at the video I made here.