AUTO-DARKENING WELDING HELMET: See Exactly Why These Things Are So Helpful

Watch and learn why auto-darkening welding helmets have caught on so completely with both amateur and professional welders. They let you see clearly before welding, but they also darken instantly as soon as the welding begins. See actual darkening in action in the video below. You wouldn’t think this could work, but it certainly does. Auto darkening makes welding so much easier, especially for beginners. The video below comes from my online course, MIG WELDING FOR BEGINNERS.

It’s been very enjoyable going through your easy-to-follow welding class, Steve. I’m very excited to get started on a new adventure in welding. Due to your lessons on equipment, I did my research and found that the Lincoln 210 was a great match for my needs. I’m also excited to tackle the little wood stove project that’s part of the course. 

–EH, welding course student