PRODUCT REVIEW – Rubbermaid Configuration Shelving

I began installing traditional wire shelving for the first time about 30 years ago, and the best type I’ve used so far is Rubbermaid’s Configurations shelving system. It’s easy to find online, and I’ve got acres of it installed in my home and workshop now. I’ve also recommended it to others many times. I’ve never exprienced anything but great performance from Configurations, and the same goes with anyone I’ve mentioned it to. Most of the photos here are from my daughter Katherine. She never installed shelving before, but did a great job with it in her sewing room. Simplicity, effectiveness, adjustability and ease of installation are the reasons why.

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My daughter Katherine installed this Configurations shelving system in her sewing room. She loves the system as much as I do.

With only four main parts, the Configurations system is easier to buy and put up than others that require many more parts. Screw a horizontal metal anchor strip to the wall, hang vertical supports from them, clip shelf arms into slots in these vertical supports, then lay shelving on top. That’s it. And since these shelves come in two slightly different widths, they’re designed to overlap each other during installation, eliminating the need to cut any metal at all. You simple overlap one “A” length shelf and a “B” length shelf to get the final length you want.

The vertical strip that appears fuzzy in the background gets screwed to the wall, with horizontal arms clipped in wherever you want shelves.

Since shelf support arms on Configurations shelves clip into slots in the vertical supports, you can configure and reconfigure the set up as your storage needs change. This design is also why there aren’t any angled braces to get in the way of stuff stored on shelves below, as with traditional, non-adjustable wire shelves. The lack of angled braces is a huge benefit compared with other wire shelf systems I’ve installed. It’s a great system that continues to impress me.

You’ll find Configurations available from several sources.  Type “Configurations” into the search field of Google to get there. Amazon has a wide selection of Configuration components. If this system is new to you, consider a kit that includes everything you need for, say, a closet. Since I’ve been using the system for a while, and have extra pieces left over from previous installation, I usually buy my components piece-by-piece.

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– Steve Maxwell