SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE: See How I Revived a Completely Failed System Without Replacement

I’m always surprised by how many people want to know about managing a septic system. I think it has to do with fear and mystery. For those of us who rely on a septic system to handle waste water, there’s the fear of an expensive failure scenario. Then there’s the fact that septic systems are such a mystery. Somewhere out there, buried in your lawn, ugly, unspeakable things exist. This video is all about how I wrestled with a failed septic system at my place back in  and won. My system was hopelessly clogged (as you’ll see) and it has been working perfectly since 2014 after doing what you see here. If you have a septic system that needs help, or if you want to make sure your septic system never fails in the usual way, check out my online course SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE.  Hundreds of people have followed this method and saved themselves thousands of dollars and a whole bunch of disruption in their yards.

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