WORRIED ABOUT YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEM? Learn to Fix a Clogged System Yourself & Stop Worrying

Welcome Septic System Owners!

If you’ve got a septic system that’s failing (or one you’d like to prevent from failing in the future), my online course SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE could save you thousands of dollars and tons of hassle. This detailed video course explains exactly how any handy homeowner can solve the most common problems that cause septic systems to clog and fail. This is the world’s most complete guide on the subject and it can save you thousands of dollars and a messy and expensive septic system rebuild. You can also try this course risk-free. The approach in this course is something I developed myself and has revived hundreds of “failed” septic systems.

By the time you’re finished SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE you’ll:

* Understand how septic systems work and why they fail

* Learn how to use a pressure washer to fix the cause of 90% of septic failures

* See how to treat the soil around your leaching pipes so sewage flows again

* Learn to modify your leaching pipes to make maintenance and revival easy

* Discover a simple method for making any septic system operate better

* Get a list of the items you need and exactly where to buy them

SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE is one of many popular video courses I’ve made for hands-on people like you. If you’re a practical person who likes to succeed while also saving money, I think you’ll find this video course very helpful. There’s nothing to lose, either. Try SEPTIC SYSTEM RESCUE for 90 days, and if you don’t find it worth many times the purchase price, just let me know. I’ll refund your money completely and immediately.


Your class was absolutely wonderful.  I learned so much AND you saved me thousands of dollars.  Let me know if you are teaching anything else.  I would love to sign up. — HW

Enjoyed the course very much, found it informative, concise and engaging. — JP

Just a note to thank you for all of your incredibly informative courses. — RP

Thanks for a great course, a great website, and a real “cyber friend” if you could call it that. — CG