Thank You and a Some News!

I Appreciate You!

Just a note to say thank you for reading my newsletter and visiting my website. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have no one to share my interest in hands-on how-to living with. In a world with so many things vying for our time and attention, it means a lot to me that you choose to spend time with here.  I’ve come to know some of you personally by email, and that’s been great. It’s especially heart warming to hear from subscribers who tell me they look forward to each newsletter issue.

Updated Website Coming Soon

The current version of my website has been around for a while (15+ years!), and it’s long-past time for an upgrade. In a month or two I’ll have the first phase of a new version of live, replacing this one with faster load speeds, a cleaner look and better search capabilities. With more than 2000 articles and videos on the site, better search will make the content you’re looking for easier to find. All the same content as now will be available (plus new stuff added all the time). This new version of has been in the works for almost a year now.

If you’d like to help cover development costs and future upgrades, please consider making a contribution here. That would be much appreciated. It’s fast and safe. Donations are made in Canadian dollars, so if you’re contributing in US funds, the figure charged to you will become lower than the amount you’ve given due to the exchange rate. I’m really looking forward to showing you the new and improved

Thanks again, from the end of Bailey Line Road, on Manitoulin Island, Canada.

Bye for now,

– Steve Maxwell