TECH TIP: Crisp Paint Masking and More

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Any Time is Paint Time

Painting is one of those DIY tasks that you can do any time. With today’s great and safe latex paints there’s really no need to wait for warm weather and open windows.  But in addition to great paint, success is all about preparation, and this is where supplies and techniques matter.

Painters tape is a relatively new product that can help even a novice achieve crisp lines and edges on painted surfaces. It’s often the difference between success and failure, though proper painters tape isn’t a guarantee of success. Watch the video below to see the tricks behind masking success, and also how to use painters tape for creating crisp caulking joints, too.

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There’s more to wall prep than just masking. Patching drywall lays the essential groundwork for any good interior paint job, and doing this work yourself is an excellent way to save money. As long as you know how to do it, that is. Learn about DIY drywall repair with my video series and you’ll see and learn everything you need to know for the most common situations right here in this course. Click the thumbnail below to learn how to:

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  • Choose the essential tools and supplies for assembling your own wall patching kit
  • Patch those pesky and annoying nail and screw holes in three quick steps
  • Fix drywall screw pops at least as well as any professional drywaller
  • Understand the difference between drywall compound, wall spackle and setting-type wall compounds
  • Patch holes as big around as a walnut using nothing more than two hand tools, setting-type compound, spackle and a sanding sponge
  • Repair damaged areas larger than a walnut using strips of wood as backing supports.
  • Apply critical fine-tuning steps to patched areas before repainting
  • Choose proper masking tape for different applications
  • Apply special painters tapes like this so you get super-crisp painted results just like a pro
  • Use painter’s tape while caulking to virtually guarantee perfectly crisp results around bathtubs, windows, doors and anywhere else.