The Best Window Styles to Consider For Basement Renovation

Choosing the best basement window style for your basement renovation project can be tough, especially if you don’t pay attention to the little details involved in basement windows replacement. Here are ideas to help you make the best choice.

Some of the most popular options for basements are replacement casement windows, hopper windows, sliding and awning units. But there are many more details to know when considering your next basement improvement project. Want to learn everything in detail? Keep reading!

What are the Benefits of Having Good Basement Windows?

Similar to openable flat roof windows, basement windows are a a source of ventilation and natural light for your space. What’s more, appropriate basement windows allow for many benefits that add comfort, price and value to your house:”

  • Emergency Exit: The right kind of basement windows serve as quick and easy escape routes for you in cases of fire outbreaks or any form of emergency. If, for any reason, you are trapped, your basement window is your go-to option.
  • Enhanced Security: Basement windows are target options for home invasions. However, new and secure basement windows prevent invaders from gaining access to your apartment.
  • Locks Moisture Out: Effective basement windows keep water out.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Improved Ambience: Who says your basement should be dark and ugly? Basement windows make your bedroom look a whole lot more attractive and allow natural light into your space, improving the ambience.
  • Lowers your Energy Bill and Saves Money: Did you know that basement windows matter just as much as windows in other places from an energy standpoint? When you use your air conditioner, your basement collects cool air. If you have an Energy Star-certified basement window, it locks cool air in and helps to cut down on energy bills!


What Are the Best Window Styles for Basement Renovation?

If your basement windows are old, leaky and don’t work properly, it’s time for new ones. Here are some of the best window styles for basements:

Hopper Basement Windows: These are the most common types of basement windows. They are easy to operate and provide excellent lighting and airflow in the basement. Its standard size is usually 1 to 2 feet tall and 2.5 to 3 feet wide. Its dimension is ideal for setting them up in the attic, bathrooms and bedrooms.During emergencies, hopper windows can crank open quickly, providing quick escape routes.

Casement Windows for Basement: Apart from being one of the most energy-efficient windows, replacement casement windows are tall in dimension, have hinges on the side and open outward; this is beneficial in cases of emergency because they crank open fully and also provide excellent ventilation. Moreover, they are a great choice for basement windows when you are considering setting up an egress basement window. “Egress” means the window is large enough that you can use it to escape the building if needed. They are larger with an opening mechanism that has proved efficient in times of emergency.

Awning Windows for Basement: The significant feature here is that the awning windows open outward from the bottom and provide ventilation. It also protects from the rain and locks moisture out effectively while keeping the cool air. However, because of its design intent and opening mechanism, the awning windows are not suitable for egress basement windows. The glass panel might block someone who wants to get away from an emergency.

Sliding Windows for Basement: These are a good substitute for casement windows if you need egress capabilities  for your basement. Its design intent allows natural light to pour in and makes cleaning the outward panes easier. Sliding windows have two panes but only half of the pane opens and this gives limited ventilation. However, they are perfect for saving space and are installed in tight rooms.

What to Keep in Mind When Considering a Basement Window Replacement?

Basement window replacement is an important area of home improvement that should not be ignored. Here are a few tips to note when considering a basement window replacement;

  • The size and style options of basement windows. Make sure you have analyzed your current units and rough openings to install the windows that will perfectly match your house design, dimensions and overall exterior.
  • Overall energy efficiency. To ensure your new basement windows are going to bring you the maximum savings, look for Energy Star and NAFS-11 labels. This guarantees you will get windows that are really energy efficient and were tested by experts.
  • Legal requirements for egress basement windows. Usually, your basement windows are considered egress windows, and that means they have to be of specific sizes and follow your local building codes. To ensure everything is legal and up to the standard, consult with your local window experts to install basement egress windows that are of the right size and follow other vital requirements asked by the National Building Code.

Final Note

There are a variety of basement windows to choose from for your basement renovation. If you fancy custom-made basement windows, ensure you use the best materials and pick basement windows that are energy-efficient and easy to operate with minimal cost requirements.