CHEAP & COZY HEAT: Watch a Classic Anthracite Coal Stove in Action

Back in the fall of 2020, we installed a classic anthracite heating stove in the house of my son Robert, and I thought you might like to see how it works. Anthracite is a clean-burning, smokeless coal that has about 3x the heating value of dry hardwood, pound for pound. We made the video below for Larry Trainer, the man who designed what’s called the Chubby anthracite stove 40 years ago. In this video I explain the differences between managing a woodstove versus an anthracite stove. Anthracite is quite a bit less work than wood, and you’ll get to see this amazing fuel from yesteryear in action here. If you live outside the reach of natural gas supplies, anthracite is the cheapest source of purchased heating fuel on the planet. Five minutes work in the morning, five minutes work at night, and the rest of the day you have beautiful, even heat that’s also quite safe because there are no chimney deposits.

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