The Makers and Crafters Who Work Live on Twitch

Twitch is the biggest online streaming platform, with gamers being the most common creator. That said, although Twitch was known to be a popular platform for gamers, it has grown to accommodate other content creators, especially makers and crafters. Streaming your craft is easier said than done because, as a streamer, you must balance monitoring your equipment and navigating your software, all while showcasing your craft live. But this challenge hasn’t discouraged more people from going live on Twitch to share the work of their hands with their fans. If you are thinking of following the same path to gain Twitch followers and grow your channel, here are a few live crafters you can draw inspiration from.


Austen is a beloved crafter and digital artist who creates beautiful drawings and characters from the Rick and Morty TV show and World of Warcraft video game. She loves entertaining her audience with her endearing sense of humor, and this has seen her channel hit more than 45,000 subscribers. 


TexasHula is one of the few Twitch streamers who started by streaming gaming content. However, he transitioned into woodworking, and since then, he has been broadcasting his craft and showing his fans how he makes his bowls. From magical-looking boxes to household items that will wow you with their intricate design, he’s a master craftsman known for his stellar work. His superb work has grown him a religious following of more than 10,000 fans who enjoy his content and interact with him on his live streams to learn more about his work. 

Kel Klais

Kel began streaming in 2022, and is one of the craft streamers who acknowledges how challenging it can be to interact with your audience and stream your craft effectively. However, this hasn’t stopped her from live-streaming her knitting and sewing skills to give her fans a taste of how she makes the items she merchandises and sells. She’s passionate about her work and regularly interacts with other Twitch users in craft communities to learn how to improve her work and be a better streamer. 

Mary Fons

Mary is a renowned quilter and live streamer who prides herself in helping others learn the ropes of craft streaming on Twitch. She turned to the platform after realizing that Twitch had better functionality and superior performance compared to YouTube when it came to live streaming content. Since her debut, she’s built a loyal following of more than 1,200 fans who love watching her do her magic and learn the ins and outs of quilting. Today, you will find Fons interacting with her community as she answers questions and engages with those interested in her craft. 

Tina of TLK Knitting

Tina found a way to balance between streaming her knitting craft and playing Fortnight on Twitch. She is passionate about knitting and has certification from the Craft Yarn Council, representing consultants, manufacturers, and publishers in the yarn industry. Over time, Tina has grown to gain more than 4,000 followers, and that number is steadily rising as she builds an audience for her work. 

In conclusion, although streaming your craft on Twitch takes more work, it is a great way to engage with your audience and allow them to see how you make your artistic pieces. So try it today and watch as your page picks up a more loyal following!