The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Display Houses: Tips and Tricks for Inspiration

Visiting display houses can help you get inspiration and knowledge when looking for a new home. Display houses are set up by housing project builders to showcase what they have to offer, but they can also help you see the options for layouts, features, and styles. This experience makes it easier to see yourself living in your dream home. Let us show you here . . . 

While visiting various display homes can sometimes be overwhelming, the aim is to give you a real-life feel for what suits your needs and tastes. Discover Hotondo Homes and explore some of Victoria’s finest display homes, offering a wide array of choices for your consideration. This article is a guide for making the most of display home visits, with suggestions for inspirations for your own dream home regardless of where you live.

How to Prepare for Your Visit

Before you visit any display homes, it’s important to do some preparation, including:

  • Set your budget:  Estimate how much money you can spend on your new home. You consider the costs such as land, construction, fees, and added features.  Estimate your borrowing capacity, expected repayments, and stamp duty. 
  • Specify your preferences: Describe what you are looking for in your new home. It includes important and desired features. Consider the size, location, layout, design, amenities, and finishes. Create a list to help you envision your ideal home.
  • Consider your options: Assess the benefits and disadvantages of each display house. Search for a variety of display homes, comparing costs, specifications, and features. Additionally, reading reviews and testimonies from previous purchasers and experts provides information about the quality and reputation of developers and builders.

How to Visit Display Houses

Discover Hotondo Homes: Explore Victoria's Finest Display Homes

When visiting display houses, it important to be alert, ask questions and take notes:

Inspect the details: Look beyond the surface and design of display houses. Check the materials, finishes, appliances, and fixtures. Make sure that they are of good quality. Assess their durability, functionality, and ease of maintenance. Inspect for any signs of faults or damage.

Compare to the actual: Compare the display homes to the possible actual house you will receive, look for any differences. Request copies of the floor plan, specification sheet, and contract to ensure they are consistent with your observations and expectations. Clarify the inclusions and exclusions, and inquire about optional upgrades and extras, including their pricing.

Consult the experts: Discuss with sales consultants, developers, and builders to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the display houses. Inquire about the design, construction, warranty, timeframe, and process of buying a house and land package. Seek advice or recommendations that fit your budget and needs from these experts.

How to Use Inspiration

Following your visit to display homes,  it is important to build on the inspiration and information gained and take concrete activities, including:

Review your notes: Examine the notes and images taken during your visit, ensuring that they are consistent with your budget and requirements. Create a ranking and rating for the display homes you’ve visited, identify both their strengths and weaknesses. Consider making a pros and downsides list to help you evaluate and compare your options.

Seek feedback: Gather feedback and opinions from your family, friends, or professionals regarding the display houses you visited. Ask their honest and constructive input, evaluate whether their perspectives align or differ from your own views and preferences.

Take The Next Step

Take the next stage in owning your new home and assess if you are prepared and confident to make a commitment. Consider revisiting your preferred display homes or reaching out to sales consultants, developers, or builders to express your interest and intention. Make negotiation regarding price, terms, and conditions, and proceed to sign the contract when ready.

Visiting display homes can be a fun thing to do, and it provides good experience and information. The display homes provide inspiration for your future home, helping you make a decision. However, preparing for a display house visits requires plans, and the application of tips and advices.