DOWNLOAD: Tiny House Construction Course: 100 pages, 45 videos, 3D field plans

Cozy Cabin 3D Cover Final

These days, more and more people are tired of unaffordable house designs that are too big, too complicated and too expensive. That’s why the tiny house movement is taking off around the world. It’s also why I created Cozy Cabin.

This how-to building resource is for hands-on owner-builders, professional contractors or anyone who wants to create a tiny home to the highest possible standards –whether they do the work or hire it out.

Cozy Cabin includes detailed plans, illustrations and video instructions in a PDF format. I’ve pulled out all the stops on this resource, making it the next best thing to having experienced help working at your side. Download your copy risk-free and see for yourself.

I’m an award-winning how-to building instructor with regular articles appearing in publications like Canadian Contractor, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Homes & Cottages magazine and others. I’m also a designer and builder, and I’ve been teaching people to succeed in all things practical for more than 25 years.

Cozy Cabin includes construction plans, dozens of photos and 45 embedded videos showing all the intricate details of exactly how to build a beautiful, durable and affordable all-season cabin. Even if you’ve never built anything before, this will show you how. Try Cozy Cabin out and see for yourself.

The classic 16 x 25-foot floor plan includes a front porch for lounging and a second floor loft for sleeping. And unlike many other “cabin” designs on the market, this one looks and feels like a proper cabin should – with real wood wherever it will be seen, a steep roof and authentic materials throughout. Seeing is believing.

Download a copy and see for yourself how Cozy Cabin delivers field-tested building plans and know-how. Examine it for 90 days and if you’re not completely delighted, just ask for a refund and you’ll get it.  I’m not happy unless you’re happy.


Steve Maxwell