TOOL VIDEO: Tracksaw Delivers Clean-Cut Advantage

Despite advertising claims to the contrary, truly innovative tools are rare. They only make it to the mainstream once in a while, but when they do, a whole range of possibilities opens up. Track-guided saws are a case in point, and you can win a new DEWALT tracksaw by going to my handyman community at It’s free to join, and the top rated member on October 31, 2023 will win the saw shown below.

  • Video Watch Time = 5 minutes

Track-guided saws are made by several manufacturers, and all use a specialized, hand-held circular saw that slides precisely along a metal track. You put the track on your wood, the saw on the track, then slide your saw to make the cut. It sounds simple enough, and it is. Deceptively simple. But beneath this concept are a whole range of details that allow track-guided saws to deliver accuracy and perfectly smooth cuts, even on doors and chip-prone sheet materials like plywood, particleboard and melamine.

Click below to watch a video I made a while back showing the DEWALT tracksaw in action.

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– Steve Maxwell