BETTER TRACTION ON ICE: I Finally Found Something I Like Putting on My Walkway & Steps

I get plenty of winter ice where I live, but I’ve always opted to put nothing on sidewalks and steps to boost traction because sand, salt and ice melter products are so messy and not that effective. This year I discovered a unique traction aide that I like enough to actually use. The video below explains why.

LavaGrip is fairly new, so distribution is expanding. offers the product for online ordering, but here’s where you’ll find in in stores, with product numbers:

Home Hardware: 4.5 kg jugs: 5548-293; 8 kg bags: 5548-294; 16 kg bags: 5548-292

Canadian Tire: 4.5 kg jugs: 6590114; 8 kg bags: 6591064; 16 kg bags: 6590115

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