TAPE MEASURE TORTURE TEST: Is This The World’s Toughest Tape Measure?


A while back I got the chance to check out a new Milwaukee tape measure, and I thought you might like to see what I discovered, especially when it comes to strength, as you can see in my video above.

Why I Like This Tape Measure

These 16′ and 25′ tapes are the most recent example of evolutionary improvement in a tool that handy people use all the time. Blades on these tapes are wide, strong and abrasion resistant, like any pro-grade tape needs to be. The locking button is the easiest to activate of any tape I’ve used over the years, and the blades easily stood out more than 11 feet without buckling during my tests. The tape cases have a high-friction overwrap covering making them easy to grab comfortably. Evolutionary improvements include a wire-style belt hook that won’t cut fabric, and a lanyard lug on the backside for tethering the tape when working at heights. The case is also thicker than on other tapes I’ve pulled apart, which is probably why it survived “trial by truck”.

A Milwaukee tape measure just before getting run over by a half-ton pickup truck. Watch the video to see how the tape fared.

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– Steve Maxwell