Are there any pitfalls to look out for with mobile home flooring repairs?

We are currently renovating an older mobile home. We have the opportunity to install unfinished oak flooring throughout, but wonder whether the situation affects how we should do it. What are your ideas for finishing? I prefer a satin-type finish, but my husband thinks maybe wax is the way to go. What challenges are in store for us as far as installation goes?

Mobile HomeI’ve never worked in a mobile home, but I do have some ideas. What’s used as a subfloor? If it’s plywood, then regular installation techniques will work fine. I prefer to use carpenter’s glue as well as finishing nails when installing all types of wood flooring. It virtually eliminates board-to-board squeaking. As for a finish, I think you’ll want to go as tough as possible, and wax is pretty fragile, high-maintenance stuff. My favourite oil-based urethane is sold by Canadian Tire under the Armour Coat brand name. The satin formulation looks best to my eye because it hides imperfections. And the Armour Coat product is surprisingly tough.