What kind of portable tablesaw should I buy for building a new house and outbuildings?

power tool than just a motor. You also need to consider the fence, controls and the overall size and toughness of the tool. This is where spending a little more than $300 really pays off.

The main thing to realize is that while you may not earn your living as a carpenter, building a house puts you in the same league as the professionals when it comes to a tool as fundamental as a tablesaw. Good tools will save you time and yield better results. The biggest danger you face right now is under-equipping yourself. You need to think like a pro, not a hobbyist.

You can buy a great portable tablesaw for less than $600. Invest the money and reap the rewards of a better house building experience. My current favourite saw is made by Bosch. I use it all the time and really like the wheel-equipped folding stand.