What You Should Expect During a New Roof Installation?

Time to change your roof, and you don’t know what to expect? Do you have questions and looking for answers so that you are prepared for the whole process? Don’t worry. Below you’ll find the guide that will explain exactly what to expect when upgrading your roof and what steps you need to take.

Before you go further, how do you know if your roof needs replacing? Regardless of where you live, Roof Installation in Portland is a good site to explain how to assess your existing roof. A good company will answer even the particular questions that concern your home. But surely their advice will start off just like this:

Get Ready For Some Dust and Noise

When changing your roof, the main thing to expect is all the mess that will come with it. Just remember that the whole weatherproof roof surface will be taken off and a new one put on, which will cause a lot of trash and even bits of debris to get everywhere. Plus, the whole process is a pretty galling one, both because it requires a lot of cutting and pounding, so expect to hear air nailers and pounding nails all day long. Expect a lot of the hustle and bustle, too, because, besides all the materials, new and old, there will be quite a few workers on your property.

Clear the Courtyard and the Attic

A day or two before work begins, the new roofing materials will be delivered, so make sure there’s plenty of room for them in the yard. You should also take into account that pieces of the old roof may fall off in the yard, so it’s best to clear it all out and secure any items you can’t move. Don’t forget that workers need room to do their work properly, so the more free space in the yard, the better.

Contrary to what some homeowners think, the attic will not need to be cleared since re-roofing only involves changing the weatherproof surface, not the structure of the roof. So, before the workers come to your place, it’s recommended to move all the stuff out of the attic so that they don’t get damaged in the process or get dusty.

Make Some Space for the Dumpster

The day before the workers arrive, or sometimes even on the same day, a dumpster will be brought to the location so they can put all the debris in it and keep the site somewhat clean. It’s best to talk to the company beforehand to work out the details and to see how big it is and where it would be best placed. It will be taken off soon after all that roof work is finished, so you don’t have to worry about it staying around for too long.

Make Sure Your Kids and Pets are Safe

When you change your roof, your property will become a worksite, which means there will be nails around and other things that can cause injury. That’s why it’s very important that if there are children or pets around, they are constantly supervised so that no unpleasant events occur. If possible, it’s recommended that they are not at home when work is being carried out. 

Keep Your Car Out of the Way

Don’t park your car close to the house because you never know when something will fall off the roof, and then you will find it scratched or worse. It’s best to park it either in the garage if you’re not going to need it soon or on the street, away from the work area.