When To Hire A Contractor, And When To Do It Yourself

If you’re considering a home remodel or renovation, you may wonder if you should hire a contractor. How do you know which projects you can tackle yourself and which require hiring a professional? Attempting repairs and remodels you aren’t familiar with can be dangerous and cost you more money, or they can save you money and give a great sense of satisfaction. Let’s explore some home projects and whether or not they require a contractor for most homeowners.

Projects You Can Tackle Yourself

There are plenty of home improvement projects you can tackle yourself without hiring a professional. Doing work yourself can save money if you know what you’re doing. Here are some examples of projects you can typically do yourself. 

1. Replace a Faucet

Replacing a faucet isn’t as complex as it once was – it’s actually pretty straightforward. Most faucets come apart and go back together relatively easily. Start with shutting off the water supply, which you can typically find under the sink. Loosen your faucet with a pair of pliers or vice grips and lift it out. Put your new faucet in and connect the water lines before you attach and tighten the nuts. The big advantage of modern faucets is that they connect to water supply lines with threaded hoses, rather than soldered copper pipes that were the only option 30 years ago.

2. Paint Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint can completely transform your space. There are many creative paint projects that you can do to change the look and feel of your home. You can paint the walls in your home with your chosen paint colors, paint tape to protect the ceiling and entryways and a paint roller. You can also apply wallpaper to your walls or doors for an updated look. You can also paint your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.

3. Clean Out the Garbage Disposal 

Cleaning your own garbage disposal is something not everyone will to DIY, but it’s definitely doable! The removable rubber panel that sits above the drain hole in the sink is typically where most of the odor comes from. You can clean your disposal by putting ice cubes and baking soda with a lemon slice and a teaspoon of bleach. Grind up the mixture until the grinding sound stops, and then flush your disposal with cold water for 30 seconds. 

Simple home improvement projects can boost your skills and your confidence. They can also provide ways to express yourself creatively, discover new passions and save money. 

When You Should Hire a Contractor

Situations where most people should hire a contractor are vast since you need specialized equipment for many home projects. Track loaders and mini excavators come with various attachments that help with landscaping and other construction work. You will typically need a contractor for these types of home projects. 

1. Outdoor Spaces 

Hiring a professional is best if you are repairing or creating a driveway or creating an outdoor living space. Decorative or stamped concrete are environmentally friendly and durable options for your outdoor space. Hardscapes like water features and decorative slab projects can transform your outdoor living area. Patios and other outdoor projects like building a deck typically require adequate planning and professional construction. 

2. Kitchen Countertops 

There are myriad reasons you should hire a contractor to install countertops in your kitchen. Severe damage can occur in your kitchen if you install the wrong countertop or encounter other installation challenges, like damaging your new counter as it goes in. Challenges can occur with ventilation, electrical components or odd angles. Countertops are heavy and often breakable, so they require multiple people to put them in. You want to ensure that you have all your bases covered by hiring a professional to help with everything from your design concept to proper installation. 

3.  Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can be costly and time-consuming if you aren’t qualified to do them. You can also easily fall off a roof. Contractors have the expertise and experience to perform high-quality repairs and identify hidden damages to your roof. Hiring a contractor can provide benefits like mitigating safety concerns  and faster repair time. A reliable roofer can ensure that your roof gets all the attention it needs without you having to worry about or research the specs of your roof. 

Many homeowners don’t have the skills required to perform tasks during home construction. Contractors have the expertise and licensing to effectively perform these tasks. Attempting to do this type of work yourself can result in more damage to your home that can cost a pretty penny to fix. 

Tackling Home Projects

There are plenty of instances where you can tackle home maintenance or projects yourself. However, there are times that it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Utilize these tips to make the most of your home maintenance and know when to hire a contractor.