VIDEO FEATURE: Silky-Smooth Wood Varnish Finishing

varnish buffingMost people who attempt to finish wood at home with urethane or varnish eventually resign themselves to rough, bumpy, sub-standard results. And that’s too bad because one small piece of information can make all the difference. The trick is understanding how to use a technique called power buffing. It works perfectly on all flat wooden surfaces using any kind of varnish, making use of the ubiquitous random orbit sander in a new way. You can power-buff all kinds of finishes as a final step, but the details you’ll see on the video here apply especially to urethane or varnish coatings on wood– either oil-based or water based.  Buffing can transform an ordinary wood surface into one that’s a smooth as glass and very inviting to the touch. And the work takes just a few minutes. The video below shows how to buff in the context of applying waterbased stains and sealers, but it applies just as well to any kind of varnish finish. Check it out and succeed.


Featured Video

Posted on November 14th, 2014


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