Episode#5: LIFE@Bailey Line Road

Dryer Vent, Snowy Pasture, Spray Foam, Warm Floors:

⇐ Click left to watch a quick video tour of what I think is the world’s best dryer vent. See why for yourself.

Click right ⇒ to watch a video tutorial I just made on spray foam insulation. Some people are afraid of this material, but not me. If it’s used properly it works better than anything else in specific applications.

⇐ Click left for a wintertime visit to one of our pasture fields. Gentle snow, forests all around, and a whole lot of quiet as I unload some brush on our burning pile.

Click right ⇒ to watch one of 45 videos from my popular tiny home construction course called Cozy Cabin. The video here is about insulating floors from above using sheets of foam. It’s great for renos and new builds.