GENERATOR CONNECTION: Watch the Simplest Safe Method in Action

UPDATED 26Sep2019 + 2 VIDEOS: As generator prices fall and confidence in electrical utilities declines, you may be wondering how you could safely and legally connect a portable generator to your home. One of the simplest options is something called a Generlink. I have one at my place, so I know how it works. The Generlink fits onto a standard utility meter base, below the meter, and it includes a port for connecting a cable from a generator to your household electrical system.

The Generlink delivers generator power to your home while the grid is down. I’ve found a few people who’ve had trouble with Generlink units failing to switch back to grid power when it came back on, but failure rates have been less the 0.02 % in my research. Generlink is a US-made product, but it’s available across North America. Not all jurisdictions allow Generlinks, so check with your power company. Prices varying from $1000 to $1600, depending on size, features and cable length, so Generlink isn’t cheap. The big benefit is simplicity of installation and use. It’s one of three different options for making a legal generator connection to your home. Click here to learn about all three, and how to choose a generator for your home.

Click below to watch the Generlink in action at my place. More than 534,000 people have watched this video since March 2017, so I think you’ll like it. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions: