VIDEO TOUR: 81-year-old Marc Smith and His Octagonal Windows

Marc SmithThere are probably thousands of window manufacturers in the world, but not many make high-quality octagon, round or oval windows. I know because I’ve been looking lately. That’s what led me to 81-year-old Marc Smith. He’s been making and selling round, oval and octagonal windows since 2000. Right from the beginning Marc’s venture was entirely online, and as far as I know he was the first to bring window shopping to the web. Pretty impressive for a guy who was 65 at the time.

Marc’s website is simple (you can see it here), and he does a better job than anyone else I’ve seen in this niche market. Check out my video tour of a couple of openable, maintenance-free windows from Marc that installed in a house I’m building. They’re made with a solid, rot-proof, maintenance-free material that I haven’t seen used in this way before.